A new “Green” Flamingo Master Plan and Design now Available

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    Everglades National Park News Release
    The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American
    people so that all may experience our heritage.

    August 5, 2010
    For Immediate Release

    Project Manager: Fred Herling 305-242-7704
    Media Contact: Linda Friar 305-242-7714
    A new “Green” Flamingo
    Master Plan and Design now Available

    Everglades National Park Superintendent Dan B. Kimball is pleased to
    announce the release of the Flamingo Master Plan and Design Program. The
    master plan is based on the Flamingo Commercial Services Plan completed in
    2008 and provides guidance to establish a “new Flamingo” – an eco-friendly
    destination with a greater variety of lodging options and visitor
    amenities, while the design program component further defines the many
    plan features (such as preliminary site locations and designs, cost
    estimates), including the park’s commitment to creating a sustainable

    The master plan provides the framework and details for Flamingo to once
    again fully serve as the gateway to Florida Bay and the park’s
    backcountry, while also supporting a wide-range of land- and water-based
    programs and activities. The plan calls for an increase in walking/bicycle
    paths and a shuttle system connecting destinations within the Flamingo
    area. Facilities would be designed to be hurricane, flood, and climate
    change resistant, and showcase state-of-the-art-sustainable technologies.
    The proposed architecture is inspired by that of old south Florida, yet
    complements the historic Flamingo Mission 66 structures and landscape.
    This master plan will guide planning, design, construction, restoration,
    and use of Flamingo for the next 50 years. About 50 acres of previously
    developed land would be restored to natural conditions.

    Some Key features of the Plan

    Flamingo Lodge – A new 30-unit lodge (2 elevated buildings) would replace
    the old, sprawling motel buildings, providing modest hotel-like
    accommodations near Florida Bay and within easy walking distance to
    the visitor center, marina, restaurant, pool, and amphitheater.
    Cottages – Twenty four elevated cottages (1 and 2-bedroom units) in 12
    duplex buildings would replace the old ground-level cottages.
    Marina Area – The marina peninsula would be redesigned and become an
    improved hub for water-based recreational activities. The current marina
    building would be replaced with an elevated structure, while redesigned
    public use and parking areas would improve waterfront viewing and
    gathering spaces, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation..
    Visitor Center – This facility would be renovated and remain the first
    stop and main hub for visitor information, orientation, interpretation and
    check in for overnight stays. The former Flamingo restaurant space would
    be converted to the new visitor center, offering outstanding views onto
    Florida Bay, an ideal location to educate and orient visitors.
    Camping – There would be a wider range of camping options for visitors
    including re-designed walk-In tent sites, a new group camping area, and 40
    eco-tent sites (that would operate during the peak visitor season). All
    camping areas would be located adjacent to Florida Bay and along a
    bay-front trail.

    Next Steps
    Given the scope and cost of the proposed improvements, the Flamingo Master
    Plan is organized into six phases or priorities. The National Park
    Service is working on an implementation strategy focused on potential
    public and public-private partnership funding, sustainable re-development,
    and concessioner opportunities within the framework of applicable laws and
    policies. Visit the park’s website: www.nps.gov/ever to find information
    about master plan implementation, including updates on efforts to secure

    Due to the large size of plan files, the public may view summary
    information at the park’s website: www.nps.gov and scroll down to the
    Flamingo Master Plan link. Links are provided to a “Plan and Design
    Program” slideshow and the plan’s summary brochure. The park has CDs of
    the full plan and copies of the summary brochure available for
    distribution to the interested public.

    To request a CD or brochure, please send an e-mail to
    ever_information@nps.gov or call 305-242-7700. Please specify what
    product you are interested in and be sure to provide your name and mailing
    address. If you reach the voicemail, select option 3 at the 1st prompt and
    then enter extension 7300. Be sure to speak slowly and clear when
    providing your information.

    For more information or questions contact Fred Herling, Project Manager at
    305-242-7704 or fred_herling@nps.gov .

    - NPS -