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Any Mitzi owners out there that can offer an opinion on the center console 16 vs 17?

I’m space limited, but should be able to fit the 17’ with a swing tongue. I’m also weight limited and trying to keep the trailered weight under 1500 lbs with fuel and gear.

My goal is to fish 2 and occasionally putt around with my wife and 2 kids.

I’m open to other boat model ideas with the same length/weight restrictions, but I've always been a fan of Mitzi’s front deck.

Feel free to point me to other threads if this is an older discussion. Thanks in advance for your input!

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I love my 17' tournament. As far as I've seen, 16' has an open bow (no hatch) and pretty much all have the same console layout. The tournament edition adds an additional center livewell / seat attached to front of console.
Tongue to prop is about 22'
If I had to complain about anything I didn't like, it would be the big open hole in the motor well. I feel like it could have been covered. But I keep a 5 gallon bucket and a fresh water pump sprayer back there.


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