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A Few Pics From Today at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

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Here are some from today.
I'm having a problem with the settings or something because some of the pics are coming out grainy.

These people were rallying up ducks and shooting them from a moving vessel.

Not so grainy:


lol There was a little rainbow action with the spray from the outboard.

I got plenty of more pics.
Just sorting through them all and resizing them takes a bit.
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What was the ISO setting on the "grainy" pics?
No clue. First I had it on 1600 then after grainy pics I set it back on auto. Lol

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Should have gotten a better shot of the JA's corralling ducks and shooting them from the moving boat.

Sh*t like that is what gives us all a bad name, and winds losing us hunters access to lands. Take pics, get the FL #'s, call the FWC and turn 'em in.

Trust me it works..

Rant over, back to the thread


They were set up not far from us.
After a while of no ducks flying through, they got impatient, picked up and had one on the bow and started riding till ducks pushed up and shot at them.
That was zoomed in all the way with my 55-200 lens.
While they were coming by pretty fast. I couldn't get a clear shot of the boat from that distance to get any numbers.

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Since you have exceeded your limit with photos, send me a picture of the boat with the guy riding up front and I will get it to Scott out there and he will take care of the rest.
It's not very good quality at all because they were far, moving fast, and I had my lens zoomed in all the way.

But they were googans.
We pulled up to a spot my friend had scouted and wanted to go back to.
He thought there might have been someone close so he yelled to see if anyone was around.
No one replied, but we heard them really close.
They were doing ridiculous calls, and shooting at random.
We moved down a bit to not be so close, and after a while we heard them starting to pick up and idle out.
They came out hauling ass and then when the ducks would fly they were shooting at them.
Just behind the "island" we were set up on they started blasting.

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