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Was feeling bored, so I figured I'd brag on my rig a little bit. I know its not a true skiff but its a micro, I can pole it, and it gets skinny. Bought this thing in a state of disrepair in 2015 from a guy in Monticello. These boats were made in Central Florida for a short period of time, and I only know of 6 or 7 still in existence, mine being one of the last ones ever built. The floor was all rotting, had her sanded down to bare hull and reinforced it with 1" core (This boat spends most of its life in stump fields and flooded timber). Had the transom reinforced to hang the 25 Gator Tail on it. 2 years ago I went down to Ameratrail and had them build a custom trailer for it. Like most of you, I'm a sucker for unique and highly specialized boats, if money were no object I would probably have 25 boats all designed for different things. This is a duck killing machine, but she does pole surprisingly well and I've caught a few reds off of her. I just have to figure out how to keep my fly line from tangling on everything til I can add that tunnel Sabine to my fleet.
LOA: 13'6"
Beam: 70"?
Motor: 25HP GTR
Speed: 33WOT by myself 24-26 w/Hunt load
Draft: 6-7"
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Bayou Natural environment Vehicle Water transportation Swamp
Bayou Natural environment Swamp Natural landscape Tree
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