'95 merc 2-str 30hp EO: Things to check and owners manual?

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by Swamp, Apr 12, 2015.

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    I just picked up a new to me boat that has a '95 merc 2-str 30hp EO.
    It's been sitting for at least 2 yrs, more likely 6+.  I helped the previous owner put in new trailer bearings about 7-8 years ago an I suspect when we took it out then was the last time it was run on the water.  I moved out of the area 6yrs ago so it may or may not have been run on the water or in the yard.  I've never owned a Merc before let alone anything with oil injection so I'm in uncharted waters.  However I have and still own Johnson/Evenrude motors and have always done my own work on them so I'm not too stressed about it.

    Things I've done:
    Poked and prodded for anything obvious.
    Cleaned out the fuel filter.
    Run motor with pre-mix (50:1)
    Disconnected the oil line before the check valve and run the motor with pre-mix (50:1).

    Started up sooner and better than I expected. Yay!
    Ran rough, as expected, especially with both the oil pump and pre-mix together.
    Ran better after a while and even better after I disconnected the oil line.
    It would need a little throttle after a few minutes of idling (again not unexpected).
    Oil was pumping, but I don't have a reference to say if it looked right or not. I imagine it was though.
    The amount of cooling water was much lower than I am used to (Johnson comparison).

    Things to do:
    New impeller/water pump. Not worth the risk of not rebuilding/replacing it, I don't need the impeller blowing up at WOT an hour away from the ramp.
    Check to see if oil pump is supplying enough oil.
    General lubrication.
    Check/replace lower unit gear oil.
    Scrub the few corroded areas and Boshield/Corrosion x everything.
    Take it out on the water and let it stretch its legs and lungs some.

    Anything I've missed?  Anything to watch for? I'd love to download an owners manual, but I came up empty when I searched. Any suggestion where to look? It appears that the 30 and 40 are built on the same powerhead, how tough is a conversion, if even possible? I'm not sure I would even want to, but it would be nice to know what is involved.