8hp High Thrust..what prop?

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  1. Jakeellington

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    I have a 8hp High Thrust on a 15'4 Riverhawk classic. I know high thrust means the motor is geared different. The motor was the kicker on a 23 sea hunt. The prop on it now look sto have a very low pitch.....what prop should I get fo best performance with the boat and motor??
  2. Brett

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    13:38 gear ratio on your outboard, standard is 13:27.
    Hi-thrust designed to push a hull at displacement speeds.

  3. Jakeellington

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    Is there not a Prop that can help with this or am I just screwed...I thought I knew alot about boats, am I going to have to sell this motor or change the lower unit?
  4. Brett

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    Let's see here...

    5500 rpm is middle of max rpm range for the 8 hp...13 x 5500 / 27 = 2648 13 x 5500 / 38 = 1881
    so for the 13:27 the prop turns 2648 rpm
    on the 13:38 the prop turns 1881 rpm
    so a 9 inch pitch blade on the normal motor has a theoretical travel distance 1986 feet per minute.
    To equal that the hi-thrust would need a 12-1/2" pitch prop.
  5. Frank_Sebastian

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    This is what I think and only an untested guesstimate.

    If it is a Yamaha, you may be able to get a prop that will be good enough. I use a 9.9 Yamaha Hi-Thrust on a bait skiff and it will plane a 16' boat that weighs 400#. I bought the aluminum prop from Solas. It was about $75 4 of 5 years ago.

    For a more ideal set up for higher speeds you would likely be better off to trade engines. I am not familiar with the boat you mentioned. If it is like the Gheenoe classic you aren't going to get much more out of that engine with a faster prop. If is is more the size and weight of a hisider then you may benifit from a different prop and especially from a standard thrust lower unit.

    Please post back and let us know the outcome of your situation once it is resolved.

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