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Bet you've never heard of one of these before. Me neither. :) Took me a couple of days to find out what it was, in fact. Built in Chucktown, South Cackalacky, interestingly enough, by a company OOB since 1976..

It came with 2 other things I was looking for, though; a 'johnnyrude 15 2-smoke, and a decent trailer.
The boat, as she sits, is admittedly crap. :) Whadya expect, for $280 inclusive? :D

I couldn't run the engine at the sellers place (no water, no gas, etc...) but it showed right at 85#'s on both cylinders (cold), so I figured she was good. If nothing else, I reasoned, the trailer is worth the price.
Yet being a classic johnnyrude, sure enough she cranked up pretty soon after I got some good gas into her on returning home.
New fuel pump, carb kit, impeller kit, and recoil spring came in the mail yesterday.

On looking her over, I really like the dimensions for a low-power shallow water boat - long and narrow. She's 14' LOA, 36" beam at bottom of hull, flaring to about 42" at the deck. Her topsides run straight aft once the bow has flared to meet the max beam. Pretty much a flat bottom; a teensy bit of deadrise at the bow, and the hull turns up an inch or two there.
She was intended to be a bass boat, or a brim/bluegill boat. I've seen lots like her.

But if I deck her over forward and a little in the rear to make a cockpit of sorts, beef up her overall construction with some foam coring, I think she'll be tough enough and water resistant enough to make for a fun boat that'll run good on that 15. Not in the chop, no - bottom is way too flat for that, I may try a planing pad/sharpie chine if I find she pounds too easily, too much - it gets choppy real regular around here. but first, just the main conversion to bring her back to life.

Last two pics are conceptual of what decking her over might look like.


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Like a ghenoo on steroids. Get a push pole and have at it. Perfect for creeks and flats
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