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70,90,115hp for cayo 180?

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70,90, or 115hp for the cayo180

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Possibly repowering a cayo 180 from a 90’s 2 stroke Yamaha 90hp. Like to fish shallow water but will often have 3-4 adults for a booze cruise. Any issues with the 70 pushing the cayo 180? If I go 90 why not just go 115?
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For my panga build I was looking at 90 Suzuki vs 115 pro xs command thrust. Availability made the decision for me but price difference was nice to.

Suzuki is a little less weight again 15-20 lbs no that big a deal.
Suzuki was about 4-5 thousand cheaper
I was able to buy a Suzuki from a dealer that had just received a shipment vs the 115 pro xs dealers quoted 10-24 month wait times.
Suzuki is quieter than pro xs.
Suzuki I could get the motor in white which was a plus for me.

On my hull the difference between 90hp and 115 seems to be 3-4 mph top end differences so in the end I just went with Suzuki.

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I have a 90 SHO on my Heron 18 no jackplate (different boat for sure). Looks like same size gas tanks at 20 gallons and Cayo is 6 inches shorter and bit more narrow. I run 41mph WOT with 3 people and gear and can sip gas goin 30-33mph. Is there a difference in gas consumption between a 90 and 115 four stroke that is noticeable?

I'd go 115 merc if I had to do it again.

Good luck! Those boats are beautiful!
I imagine some difference in gas consumption but nothing compared to the 90hp 2 stroke. im Definitely ruling Out the 90hp, the extra weight for the 115 is a no brainer. Although the considerable weight loss in the 70 is beneficial for poling

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Gas consumption depends on how you’re running it but the bigger motor will be more efficient at higher speed. It’s nice cruising to your spot at 35+ and the engine is purring, barely breaking a sweat and sipping gas. Life is about compromises and the correct decision will be based on how the OP wants to run it and how he fishes most of the time. By no means is going 40+ necessary but it sure is nice when you got a long run and it’s just plain enjoyable to let er rip once and a while.
Do we know a calculable difference in range for a 70 v 115?

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I would imagine would be hard to make that comparison due to too many variables. RPM, Speed, efficiency. I bet at 35mph the 115 is more efficient but at 3500 the nod goes to the smaller engine. I won’t pretend to know shit about all this so I’ll let someone with more knowledge answer that. I absolutely love the 115. For what I do it’s awesome. Went to flamingo recently and the run back to the ramp was so different than on my dads boat. My dads boat tops out at 30 I was running back at 42 and engine was just purring.
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