6,200-mile journey from Tampa Bay, Florida to Germany in a flats boat.

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    There’s madness, and then there’s crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a 21-foot fishing boat designed for shallow water. Ralph Brown of Florida is doing just that. Go ahead and call him crazy. He doesn’t care.

    Brown and his older brother Robert are well into their 6,200-mile journey from Tampa Bay, Florida to Germany in an Intruder christened I Am Second. The Marine veteran is calling the journey “Do More Than Just Say Thanks” and is making it to honor troops killed or wounded in combat. He hopes to raise $3 million for veterans’ organizations.

    The two men, who left Tampa Bay June 27 after more than a year of planning, are no strangers to long stints at sea.
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    After playing around the Skyway in my Classic I would Say Yes he IS Crazy !!!


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    I was asked buy into the company several years ago when he was trying to raise capital. This is one crazy dude. Funny thing is he's the BIL of my Yami mechanic. ;D ;D ;D

    Too much to go wrong out there that has nothing to do with sinking. Just note how many boats are found with no persons on board.
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    Not micro enough, remember this one:

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    Yeah, I thought that story was thick with it.


    Nothing impresses me after seeing some of the contraptions the Cubans try to come across on wash up on our beaches.

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    Good for him. Friggin awesome.


    Please, no more than you guys shill for your own chit. No matter what you personally think of him, he at least has the balls to back what he say his boat can do. He has already proved that. Now at least he is raising some money for a good cause.