4 blade prop pitch?

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by Bissell, Jul 11, 2010.

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    i have a 15 hp merc on a NMZ and want to get a 4 blad ss prop for it but not sure wat pitch, i hope some one else is running the same thin lol i need help! or does everyone prefer a 3 blade?
    thanks CS :cool:
  2. Flyline

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    U can get a 9 x 8" pitch 4 blade with cupped polished propeller SWA model from powertech props. This propeller only gives you a better holeshot and mid range cruising speed in lower RPM. This propeller doesn't give your NMZ run skinny but little bit stern lift. Been there and done that. A Gheenoe Lowtide with a stock propeller, no jackplate and tabs runs much skinner than a NMZ with a jackplate and trimtabs.

    So if I were you... I'll get a powertech 9" pitch 3 blade.

    I took the 9" pitch solas to the shop to have it reconditioned, thicken up the tip of the blades and then add a cup to it.

    Runs much better than a stock propeller for my LT15 with a jackplate.