Posting this in hopes to find someone that has something their significant other has been pressing them to sell that they don’t want to. Let me help give you the push to sell without having to make an actual ad! Promise to fish the snot out of her and store her in a garage.

Wants: a mid to larger sized skiff that I can have a couple buddies tag along with me for fishing. Also the wife and I are in the hopeful process of growing a family so this is the main reason for something beamier than something drafting 5 inches.
A four stroke or really well maintained 2 stroke that is one of the more regarded ones (I.e. 70tlrd). Really looking at skiffs with a 75+ inch beam.
*I did not post a price as I’m a bit flexible in this depending on the right boat. Trying to stay sub 30 however. Also open to the cheaper route so if you have something half that please reach out. (This will be my first boat, not my last).

Fishing creeks in SC so open to tunnel or V. Just needs to draft 8 to 10 or less ideally. Would be awesome to have something to run out a few miles on rare pristine days for Spanish or kings.

A couple things that are deal breakers and of utmost importance:
Entire rig must fit in a 22ft deep garage. Garage door opening is 96” wide (there are two single doors instead of one large door, how inconvenient 🤦🏻‍♂️

Had some action on pm’s and this thread about different style boats. I’m looking for glass not aluminum, with more of a beam (say 72” and up)
Boats of interest (obviously won’t be able to afford these new, but 2000 and up)
Maverick hpx (v, t, s)
East cape (fury lostmen etc)
Ranger Phantom
Beavertail (wider models)
Some of the wider HB’s. Saw the 02 Guide posted on here yesterday and it would be the perfect boat, if 15k cheaper. That’s a lot of ramen for a while to reach up to 43k

*Once again I’m aware of the market and what I’m looking for is not easy to find with the current landscape. Was posting this in hopes to find someone on the fence about selling what they have