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Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by riptide, Feb 9, 2010.

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    I have a older evinrude 25 hp, so old it has a pin drive , i plan on using it on my b60 riverhawk when im finished with the refit. I cant find any #s on the prop itself. :-?

    For all iknow it might be the right prop to run ,but without checking the rps at wot i dont know . I feel that i can measure the dia of the prop accurately but dont know how to measure the pitch ,

    if i can find out what size the prop is i can the order another prop based on what i have after i run the boat , i just dont know what i have

    open for ideas on proping if anybody has any previous experince thanks
  2. merc650

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    You're motors not all that old, they got rid of the pin drive around the late 70's I think. The standard prop that came with your motor was an Al, 3 bladed, 9.25X11, but on some of the early 7-0's they also had 9X10, so somewhere in that range, you should be fine. used props are pretty cheap on ebay. operating rpm was 4500-5500 rpm