25 efi mercury charging question

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by rexpollock, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I have a 25 mercury efi 2005, pull start. Runs like a dream. I have been to 2 different mercury parts dealers and one tohatsu they pretty much say they know nothing about this motor its a tohatsu or when looking up parts, wow I have never seen anything like this. you'll have to bring it in and have a tec look at it... :D : I have a simple question they can't answer my motor has three fat yellow wires coming out from under the flywheel with a gray plug on the end just hanging there. I assume that's connected to the charging coil. What part or parts do I need to complete the charging system to charge my boats battery's? 
    I do realize i will still have to charge at home as well due to
    the heavy draw of the trolling motor. I would like to be able to replenish the power used up by other electronics stereo,gps, fish finder, lights ect.. Some days i like to crank up the hank and pole all day...
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    I don't believe the pull start came with charging circuit. You would have to add a charging rectifier which gets power from the stator (merc kit). At best it would only add a 5 amp@5000rpm charge, so would not do much IMO. Give thought to adding a motorcycle/lawnmower battery to run accessories, much cheaper.