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We have been working on the new Carbon Marine textured pushpole for awhile.  Carbon Marine now has a premium grade pushpole available.  The CM pushpole is comparable to the Stiffy Graphite in stiffness and weight without the extra shipping cost associated with Stiffy one-piece pushpoles.  I plan to have one at the July 18th Microskiff gathering.

In the photo we used a TFO Mangrove tip and foot.   We have a radical new foot design that is much lighter, but they arrive in a few weeks.   

Lastly, I am working on a plan to delivery pushpoles throughout Florida.  Fisherman and dealers are excited.  Fisherman can buy direct and not get crushed with the shipping costs.  Dealers no longer have to hold 8-12 pushpoles in inventory to get reasonable shipping pricing.  I will post the dates and route once I get it finalized. 

Length: 21' up to 24'
Weight: 4 lbs, 3 oz at 21'; 5 lbs at 24'
Price: $585 for 21' assembled; $685 for 24' assmbled

Construction: carbon fiber filament wound overlapping tape and yarn on top of unidirectional carbon fiber thread and epoxy; four sections (for 21'), three 12" ferrules, a tip, and a foot.

Finish: ribbed shark-skin like with the resistance oriented towards the tip of thrust with added carbon fiber yarn to create a ribbed texture.  You get maximum grip as you push. That means the roughness is against the push down regardless of which end you use to pole forward.
Example Tip>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<Foot

Stiffness: comparable to a Stiffy Graphite. 

Worth noting,  I strongly prefer to sell pushpoles assembled and offer a warranty against leaks.  Asssembly a pushpole seems easy, but when something goes wrong and it leaks, you will be extremely disappointed and frustrated you did not simply buy it assembled.

I know fisherman are price sensitive, but this pushpole has significantly better material quality, tolerences, and performance verses our other popular pushpole the TFO Mangrove (more flexible and around 4 lbs, 11 oz assembled at 19'5").  So now, the finicky extreme pushpole'r has another option in choosing a pushpole.  Personally, I use a Carbon Marine 24' pushpole on my 18 foot ECC Caimen.  I love it. 

Feel free to can me anytime you seek advice on pushpoles, I will be glad to help you understand your options even if you choose to buy from someone else.  Here is my number: 813-928-9887.

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