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22 panga build

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I will try and keep this updated throughout the build. Right now I’m in the parts collecting phase while I wait another week or two for the hull to show up.

Decided to get out of the skiff world for a few years to have a more family friendly boat and some more fishing opportunities offshore.

Goal is to save weight where possible in the hope that I can still pole it from time to time in calm waters and also fish it 10-20 miles off the beach.

Decided to build my own based on the fact the Panga marine hulls seem drastically heavier than their South American counterparts and kinda go against some of the things that make this design great.

Also really tired of working on skiffs where it seems repair and maintenance come way behind the looks so I will be trying to make a much more friendly boat to work on when needed.

Planned specs:
W-22 Mexican imemsa hull build
Center console
Raised front deck
Rear guide boxes with removable livewell /center seat
90 hp Suzuki 4 stroke
36v rhodan 84” with front and rear power pux

Core will likely be a mix between carbon core and coosa in areas where beneficial.

The general layup will likely be 1708 with a thin layer of csm applied on top of it to speed up fairing.

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Anyone have any great ideas on a protective coating or wax I can apply to the trailer to keep it from oxidizing some over time. Mainly talking about the main beams and crossmember beans.
The anodization on the trailer should hold up really well on its own. I'd hit the following points with whatever corrosion blocker tickles your fancy:

Welds on the aluminum
Holes drilled through the aluminum
Cut ends of any beams
Hardware (all hardware, especially ground points)
Galvanized components
Anywhere that two components are touching (especially if they are dissimilar metals)

Won't keep it 100% perfect, but those should be the major offenders from a corrosion standpoint, unless I've forgotten some. The anodization on the aluminum beam surfaces usually seems to hold up well with normal washing unless you hit with an acid (or go through it, such as cutting/drilling/welding).
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