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The only reason I’m selling this is because I don’t need two boats.

Call Me With Questions: 727-417-3582

This is the perfect two man boat to fish the flats, docks, backcountry spots that big boats can’t get into etc. The engine has less than 20 hours on it and the Gheenoe it’s self isn’t even three years old yet.

What all is included with this deal:
LT25 value new: $2800
25 HP 2019 Yamaha new: $3500-$3800
Trailer: $750 - $1000
Carbon Fiber Tiller Handle: $250-$300
Trolling motor: $250-$300
Trolling motor mount: $200
Carbon Fiber Casting Stand (not in these pics): $600
Cooler with grab bar handle: $100
PushPole: $250-$350
Battery: $75-$100

Even if you were to low ball everything on here the Gheenoe is still be about 9k not including the value of having the add on’s when it was created.

These Gheenoe also has a polling platform making it more expensive than bad model haul. It’s also has a raised lip in the front of the boat making it more stable which is more expensive when ordering a LT25

Asking $7,700 OBO


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Side question - I like you rod holders on the side of the boat. How did you secure them to the boat? Adhesive or bolts?
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