Contact: Ted Painton
334 806 6736
[email protected]
2015 Tohatsu 9.8 4 stroke 100 hours or less.
2015 Minn Kota 45 Riptide
Galvanized Trailer with Bearing Buddies
Custom Color,
Custom Grab Bar
Interstate Deep Cycle Battery
Automatic Bilge pump
Original Prop and one spare
3 Gallon Fuel tank

This is a well maintained GheenoeLT10 serviced approximately 25 hours ago or last spring by myself, lower unit oil, prop shaft greased, New Thermostat, New Spark Plugs, New Fuel filter, Engine Oil change, no problems with engine at all, has always started and ran perfect, flushed with fresh water after every trip for 15 minutes. I check the engine oil often but it has never needed any added to it.
Kept in my garage, washed and waxed often, bilge flushed out etc.. on the starboard side of hull there are two small dents caused by me falling out of boat in a lawn chair that broke through the Gel Coat I filled this with Epoxy. That is the only damage to the boat, motor or trailer. The bottom I painted with “Gator Glide” same as used on Airboats to make it slide easier if you get on grass, sand rocks or oysters. It will peel off if you get against something sharp but it protects your gel coat. This was a labor intense project but I think well worth the time and money. I like to keep my stuff in good condition. I do not know of any problems with this boat at all. I have kept fresh water proof grease to the bearing buddies about every 3rd trip out. I recently removed each wheel and measured the play in bearings which there was not enough to replace them, they roll smooth and show no signs of pitting. Keep running them for now and keep the grease to them. All the switches and lights work as they should. The Trolling motor will last at least 6-8 hours on one charge. It has no problem moving this boat with two full grown men and equipment on board. New TM prop about a month ago.
I am the second owner of this boat. The first owner bought it new directly from Gheenoe, it was a demonstrator boat/photo boat and thats the reason the TM and Engine are not same year as boat. They did come with full warranty to him the original owner though. He only used it on a NMZ lake about a mile from his house thus the engine has not been used much at all. I have had the boat for 1.5 years and run it about 45-60 min each trip out. I make it out about 3-4 times a month. Selling because I will soon have more time to fish and want larger boat to take more people.
Performance- One on board 17.5-18.5 mph, Two on Board 15-16 mph, will run approx. 5 hours on 3 gallons of gas.
Seller will provide buyer with proper bill of Sale. You will be responsible to pay your taxes where you reside and register it properly. There is no Lien on this boat and that statement will be on the Bill of Sale. Thanks for looking.

Use this link to view additional photo's please.
Gheenoe For Sale LT10

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