2017 Ankona Copperhead

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    Wanted to share some pics of the new skiff. I absolutely love this boat so far! As some of you may have seen, I purchased the boat from a fellow forum member about a month ago, and have since fully rigged the boat and hung a Yamaha F70. The skiff is a beast, running 38mph, floats a true 6", and is an absolute dream to pole. The Ameratrail trailer is AMAZING! By far the best smoothest trailer I have ever towed. The Float-on trailers that Ankona sells are good trailers, don't get me wrong, but the ameratrail meets and exceeds all of my expectations. Having a trailer that is truly customized to this specific hull has made a very noticeable difference in dry launching and receiving. The boat fits on the trailer like a glove, and doesn't move one bit. I'm very grateful for having such a great seller, and as always Erin and the crew at Ankona did a phenomenal job. Their craftsmanship, price point, and customer service is unparalleled, that's why I didn't have any hesitation buying another Ankona. I'll post more once I spend a few months with it and get some slime on the deck!

    First owner's ad pics:
    16738_66ee8dcd8941be3b14216f1c322479ef.JPG 16739_435501251862d721bbf589b1449a937a.JPG 16742_bb62f886ea8f12dd71f65a7ddef0b007.JPG

    The day I got it home:

    Rigging at Johnson Custom Boats, Inc. in Wilmington, NC:
    IMG_0165.JPG IMG_0167.JPG

    The Finished Product!: IMG_0201.JPG IMG_0227.JPG IMG_0228.JPG IMG_0230.JPG
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  2. jcgeiss93

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    My homemade stripping bucket thanks to help from a thread on here:

    Cleaned up all of the post-rigging wiring and installed the SI-ACR system:
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  3. Godzuki86

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    Very nice! I'm jealous! I'm glad it went somewhere where it will be used.
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    Beautiful boat. Super clean rigging. Congrats!!
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  5. Shadowcast

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    I've seen a lot of Copperheads but this one may be the nicest!!
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  6. Str8-Six

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    Congrats man. Great lil boat you have there. You will love it more and more as time goes by. I want that trailer haha.
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    Thanks for all the comments guys. The more I'm on the boat the more I like it! I'm working on propping it right and so far it has been a challenge since I'm a perfectionist and want every ounce of performance I can get. Does anyone have any suggestions on a prop they know of that works well on the F70/Copperhead combo?
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