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209DE3D9-5621-442E-A229-5F474E408C91.jpeg BC438030-CDF0-4C88-8ADD-E8056B4D78AA.jpeg A3DF4094-C97C-4B7E-9D83-F51A1EFB2014.jpeg B063128C-FA6D-4C2D-8083-F9472F2C06A2.jpeg A1118F1E-BD31-4E07-81BA-0A564D287423.jpeg 2E1DBA1E-06F6-4D31-8988-CB4E7413EAB0.jpeg 9322C161-D75F-4A56-B38D-007B7F19C62F.jpeg 9322C161-D75F-4A56-B38D-007B7F19C62F.jpeg 2E1DBA1E-06F6-4D31-8988-CB4E7413EAB0.jpeg Excellent condition, very low hours (40) Yamaha 9.9 with bobs jack plate, stingray hydrofoil. Stiffy push pole and stick it anchor pin. Raised front and rear decks with hatches. Continental trailer. Garage kept, looking to upsize for the kids.
Located in Melbourne beach Fl
$4,500 obo
email [email protected]
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