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2016 Ankona ShadowCast 18 (Black beauty)

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My purdy Shadowcast 18. 2016 Tohatsu 30 4s. Great boat, she gets real skinny, yet handles chop like a champ. Also running FMT for backwater nav, JL Audio for sound, Minn kota co-pilot for trolling. Also has the hatch upgrades in front and rear, gas tank up front.

Might sell eventually, in the meantime Im fishing her every weekend.

Don't see many 18's, so Just thought id show her off. :)

(PS.i also put gravel down so she doesn't have to sit on the grass anymore)
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Nice. What kind of speeds do you see with the Tohatsu 30?

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How do you like the smaller console?
Can you fit a battery under/inside the cabinet or are the wires/steering components in the way.
Looks like it would help make a lot of room.
Thanks and nice skiff.
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