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ECC and I optimized to run long distances and find fish in very shallow water. Tiller 30 Suzuki (PT&T) and Atlas Micro Jacker added in September 2016 (less than 50 hours). Hull bottom has some scratches from slip sliding around looking for fish and skeg’s bounced off the bottom a bit, but the boat’s been kept inside and otherwise looks great. With another poling skiff in the driveway and a center console, we just can’t justify keeping this one.

Additions to the “base” build are:

(1) Oversized spider poling platform;
(2) 12v auxiliary power;
(3) grab bar;
(4) insulated rear hatch compartments ($400 option that turns them into coolers);
(5) Kevlar bow reinforcement (for towing with larger boat);
(6) ventilated forward bulkhead with platform for two 6.6 gallon tanks;
(7) Racor fuel filter with QD so you can switch to aft tank;

I never got around to propping before our twins arrived, but rough performance numbers (going from memory) with a cheap AL prop are:

(1) loaded top end just under 30;
(2) loaded cruise 26-28;
(3) 65 mi range on one 6.6 ga portable;
(4) roughly 12” hole shot over hard sand, less with soft bottom;
(5) 6” poling draft; runs even skinnier.

$15750 Located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Contact: [email protected].


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