2014 Ankona Owners Tournament - Bradenton

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  1. Shadowcast

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    It is that time again for owners of Ankona skiffs to get together and do some fishing. The last time we did a West Coast event was 2011 in Tampa Bay, so it's about time to hit the left side again.

    Date: June 28, 2014

    Place: Palma Sola Boat Ramp on Manatee Ave. (State Road 64) in Bradenton, Florida.

    Tournament: We will leave the tournament option to each owner. You may choose to fish the tournament or just come fish and hang out after the tournament.

    -MANDATORY registration and captain's meeting will be the boat ramp from 6:30-7:00 am. We will launch from the beach at 7:15 am.

    -Each team MUST bring their measuring device, to be approved by tournament officials, to the captain’s meeting on the morning of 6/28/2014.

    -Weigh-in will be between 2:30-3:00 pm at the Palma Sola boat ramp on 6/28/14 .

    -This is a catch-photo-and-release tournament. The largest snook/redfish/spotted sea trout slam by total combined inches (to the nearest ¼ inch) will win the tournament. Tarpon of any size will add 10 inches to your slam total (one 10 inch tarpon bonus per angler).

    -Anglers may wade fish within sight of their Ankona skiff.

    -Tournament anglers MUST be in line at the Palma Sola boat ramp NO LATER THAN 3:00 pm on 6/28/2014. Anglers arriving at 3:01pm will be disqualified.

    -Each angler/team must provide one digital camera with a clear memory card.

    -The whole fish must be in the picture along with approved measuring device and tournament marker. Pictures that do not meet tournament requirements will not be counted.

    -Snook/redfish/spotted sea trout of ANY size can be measured. Tarpon of any size must be photographed in the water along side of the skiff. DO NOT BRING TARPON OF ANY SIZE IN THE BOAT.

    -100% payback in each division: 70%-1st place, 30%-2nd place. Tie-breakers will be determined by check in time.

    -$20.00 entry fee per angler. Anglers must fish either the spin or fly division. Fees MUST be paid at the captain’s meeting IN CASH.

    -Required USCG safety gear must on your vessel. Ankona tournament anglers will also show courtesy to other tournament and recreational anglers.

    After the tournament or after your fishing day, there is a spacious beach area to beach your skiff. We will award the winners their cash and then hang out, swap stories, and enjoy each others' company. If we want to cook out, we can coordinate who brings what, including a grill and pop up canopies. Families and kids are welcome, of course. If you do not own an Ankona skiff and are interested in seeing some different set-ups in person, this would be a great opportunity. You may even be able to score a quick ride.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions! See you there!
  2. mikeregas

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    Going to try to make over with GF and son. Glad to see that another trip has been organized as I missed the last one because I didn't have my boat yet.

    Look forward to meeting some fellow Ankona owners.

  3. Shadowcast

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    CHANGE OF DATE: 6/29/2014
  4. warrenpb50

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    My wife and I are thinking of going although we are in Chokoloskee. May just drive up to see all the other boats and visit. How many people do you think will make it.
  5. Shadowcast

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    Hopefully you can make it. Not sure how many are going to make it. I have had many inquiries. I'm sure as we get closer we will have a better idea.
  6. High + Dry Adventures

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    The good o' days

  7. Godzuki86

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    Sweet video H&D. Looked like a good gathering. That was a really cool looking redfish Alyssa (sorry if I spelled wrong) caught. Looked like leopard spots!
  8. BMPDave2013

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    Any photos from the event??? :)
  9. TampaFlyGirl

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    Thanks Andy! It must have been those bright chartreuse shorts. They were good luck, hahaha.