SOLD/EXPIRED 2012 East Cape Fury

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    I am listing my 2012 East Cape Fury for sale.  I absolutely love this skiff and had it built specifically for my needs in Texas.  Skiff is beautiful and fishes very well in shallow water as well as big water (outside beaches, passes). Below is a list of upgrades and additions to the skiff.  Trolling motor setup and lean bars are removeable which makes it very easy to transition from big/deep water fishing, to skinny water poling.  Extra quick release trolling motor mount on the stern is for when you have been fishing big water and move shallow, TM can be moved out of the way and not tangle a fly line.  All yearly maintenance and service has been completed at Rockport marine in Rockport TX.  Being from Texas, the skiff does have oyster rash on the hull, no worse than any other skiff from down here.  Not that it matters, but this skiff has had two certified IGFA world record redfish caught on it.  Skiff is located in Rockport TX and I can be reached at 210-four-one-three-97-three-four.

    PRICE: $35,500

    2012 East Cape Fury all Guide-green with black rub rail and all aluminum/platforms black satin powder coated
    2013 Evinrude ETEC 90hp (extended warranty through 2019)
    Shaw Wing cavitation plate
    Extra large water pickups
    Atlas 6 inch Jack Plate
    Transom wedges
    2-stainless steel props cupped and tuned for this skiff by Jack Foreman of Crossroads Propellers: 3-blade Viper and 4-blade PowerTech RXB4
    Raycor Fuel Water separator
    6ft black signature series Power pole with remotes
    Powder coated V Marine Push Pole holders
    22 ft. Stiffy Guide series push pole
    Dark grey sea deck from cast away customs on casting and polling platform
    Tibor push pole holder on poling platform
    Custom removeable Lean Bar for Poling Platform (black satin powder coating)
    Extra large Casting Platform (black satin powder coating)
    Custom removeable lean bar for casting platform (black satin powder coating)
    Extra bolt for casting platform (two casting platform mounting locations)
    2 Cockpit Grab bars on console (black satin powder coating)
    24 volt 80# thrust I-pilot ST bow mount trolling motor package to include Odyssey
    batteries, removable mount, plug, and 3-bank charger
    2 in gunnel cup holders
    Powder Coating upgrade
    Garmin 546S w/ through hull Transducer Installed
    Livosi LED Nav Lights
    Water Pressure Gauge
    Extra quick release trolling motor mount on stern port side
    Gunnel Strap for Trailering
    Custom green LED Strip Light package under gunnels
    Edson Steering Wheel (black powder coating)
    Center console, cut down
    Insulated built in console cooler
    Double thick, bolted on seat pads
    10 total under gunnel rod tubes/holders (6 regular, 4 shotgun)
    Ramilin trailer with spare (new tires and rims)
    Removable trailer tongue

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    nice Fury, you listed everything but the engine hours, GLWS

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    You should post this ad on as well.

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    Thank you for the suggestion, I will be putting it up there as well. Hate to see it go but life happens and sometimes you have to make choices.
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    Great looking boat. Can you post the performance numbers for both props, and draft at rest? Thank you.
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    Draft at rest is 8".
    Performance with the 3 blade viper is 40mph with 2 people, half tank, and no TM or lean bars and not pushing against a hard tide. That number is also in the winter with colder water. During summer it is typically 38. The viper has a great holeshot and is a good all around prop. The RXB4 is pushing it around 36-37. I have not run the RXB4 much as I bought it new, had Jack tune/cup it, and then carried it as a spare. Both props get the RPMS to 52-5300, exactly where the 90 ETEC needs to be. Depth it takes to get the skiff up in will depend on how it is loaded. I have never put a tape measure to it but it takes less than knee deep water to hop up with the JP all the way up and there are no cavitation/slipping issues with these props. The skiff will run as shallow as you want. If you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.
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    Engine report is completed and the ETEC has 99 hours on it with no codes. It has had XD 100 used exclusively in it since day one. Skiff is turn key and absoluetly everything you need to be on the water is included with the sale including push pole, GPS, TM, the works. I will not be able to be on the water for the next two years due to school so I have to let the skiff go. Thanks for looking and it will make someone a great skiff.
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    Skiff is SOLD.
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    Congrats! It is staying down here in Texas?
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    Yes it is, will suit the new owner very well. I miss it already, but school comes first.