2011 Ranger Phantom w/ Yamaha F70

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by eastcoastpaddle, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. eastcoastpaddle

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    Hey Gents,

    Any help would be appreciated to start.

    Boat: 2011 Ranger Phantom 16'8"
    Boat Weight: 650lbs
    Engine: Yamaha F70
    Engine Weight: 260lbs
    Jackplate: Bobs
    Tim Tabs: Yes
    Current Prop: Power Tech PTR4R16PVM90, 4 blade, 16 pitch and 13.5 diam

    Here is the issues:

    • Hole shot is horrible.
    • I have to jack the plate half way up, trim it about a 3rd, and get the tabs just right to get 5100 rpm.
    • I can't tell you what the top speed is because the speedometer does not read correctly when doing all the above.
    Additional Info:
    My Needs:
    • I fish in the Lagoon and want hole shot. Speed is secondary but still want to hit 30mph

    I am also not so sure I want to go all the way down to a 13 pitch or need to reach 6300 rpm.

    Thanks in advance for any hep!
  2. Chevystroked383

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    What has power tech said try have always got me what I wanted I speak to Marcus he is the best

  3. eastcoastpaddle

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    Thanks I talked to Marcus this morning and he was very helpful. He suggested the SWW3r14 or the sww4r13.

    I also talked with Ranger. The prop I have now was sent with the boat to the dealer. My understanding it took Yamaha a little while to figure out the best prop for engine/boat combo. They are recommending the prop in the performance bulletin now. It is a Pontoon Prop made by Yamaha so I think they are still not there yet. They are going to swap it out for free so I am going to give it a shot. Anything is better than what I got!

    If it still does not seem right I will try out the SWW props.
  4. hardin083

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    You should be able to hit 30mph all day and have a good hole shot. I am running a 2010 phantom with a yami 60 4stk. It came stock with a powertech 3blade prop and seems to have a decent cup, not sure of pitch etc... cause I am at work today, but probably wouldn't work for you cause you have a slightly larger engine. Anyways I have a good holeshot which is important cause I fish the goon alot as well, I can get 30-32 fully loaded or riding solo @ 5800rpm. That is with plate around 3.5" and a very slight trim of the engine..... Also I can run the jack plate full 6" up and not blow out...
    I also have a friend running a banshee extreme with a F60 and he has great holeshot and still hits around the low 30's, so keep trying props... Great holeshot, and 30 should be no problem with your setup!!