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2010 Gheenoe 13'r

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New 2010 Gheenoe 13'r, low front deck, classic center box divided and standard rear bench seat. $1,200.

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Orestes "Tico" Guas JR
12240 sw 130 st
Miami FL, 33186
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Been watching this for a while, always loved the idea of a 13' custom. What's the story on the new/different layout? Is it a Cust. Gheenoe or a standard? Kind of cool, I like the center box rotated 90degrees like some of the NMZs out there. Does CG still do a 13 NMZ? I'd love to float the whole Suwannee in one of those all Huck Finn style someday! BUMP, BUMP, BUMP for a COOL boat! Someone should snatch it up! BUMP!
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