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  1. captnron

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    Up for sale is a 2009 Camo LT25

    Custom Grab Bar
    QR Trolling Motor Mount
    55lb Thrust Trolling Motor w/ Battery
    Camo Sea Dek as pictured
    Rod Holders
    Custom Riser for Long Shaft Motor


    Trailer pictured is available for an additional $500 to the buyer

    Yeti Coolers are not included

    Motor shown is not for sale unless someone wants it more than I do. ;)






    If interested, please contact me @
    The world does not need to know our business. ;)

  2. MATT

    MATT Well-Known Member

    Nice deal, Love the night time shots....

  3. paint it black

    paint it black Paddling away...

    That is a bad ass looking outboard!!
  4. mark_gardner

    mark_gardner I Love!

    sweet looking ride   :cool:
  5. captnron

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    Thanks.  While I would prefer to keep the motor, I'm of the school that "everything is for sale at a price".  However, based on threads on this forum, I doubt anyone would be willing to pay what it worth.  It now has about 4 hours on it.

    Having said that, I'm willing to sell the boat and trailer where someone will walk away with a good deal.  I'm motivated to move to my next project.
  6. Weedy

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    Besides, he looses it on a regular basis, with his eye sight he can never find it! Has to sell it to get a bright color boat. [smiley=1-biggrin.gif] [smiley=tongueout.gif] [smiley=finger.gif]

    REELKEEN I Love!

    You gotta let those Yeti coolers go with it. They match way too well and look Sweet!!!!

    Nice looking setup.
  8. captnron

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    I have a pretty good idea where I can get more. ;)
  9. captnron

    captnron Guest

    And I has hoping that rainbow / skittles rumor about you wasn't true. :-[
  10. deerfly

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    up until this weekend I've always been a passenger in these things, but after spending a couple days at the helm, err tiller & grab bar, its a great setup. I would definitely try and wrestle Ron into a deal with the Yeti's too. Not only are they color matched :) and have like 1/2" thick seadeck padding, they function unbelievably well. I initially loaded ice and drinks into the 45qt in Brooksville Friday morning and then topped it off with maybe 5lbs of ice Friday evening and had ice left in there when I got home early Sunday evening. Considering the 7 hour ride down there and back, plus a day and a half or so on the water, that's nothing short of impressive. The way Ron has the 35qt lashed down in front of the grab rail it doubles as a seat with a padded slab of aluminum on the grab bar as a back rest. Probably wouldn't fall asleep on it :) but it's very comfortable while underway.

    Although I'm on record as not being a fan of 4 stroke gross weights on little hulls like this, the LT25 handles that easily. This merc really performs on that hull too. A steady twist on the tiller and its quickly on plane at a hair over half throttle with plenty of power to spare. Cruises at about half throttle or less too. And of course its eerily quiet.

    Whoever ends up with this thing will be getting a great boat.  :cool:
  11. captnron

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    Add Edited 8/8/09
  12. captnron

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    This boat is available with a Yami 25 hp 2 stroke (less than 15 hours) Boat, Motor and Trailer for $6200.00
  13. MATT

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    Sounds like the best deal I have seen on here in some time.....I think "Gator Jaw" sould get a pm....
  14. captnron

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    SOLD to Florida Mud Motors

    Thanks Lamarr  :cool:
  15. noeettica

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    Ron only has the Best Stuff !!!

  16. nickgobrich

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    Ron, congratulations on your sale! I still haven't gotten my new skiff yet.........