2008 Xtreme Red Fish Championship!

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    The championship was had at Sarasota hotel and marina. On day one the wind was out of the southeast and made are run 20 miles north pretty easy. We pulled in to are first hole as tide was going out and got stuck for 2 hours. As the tide was coming in the rain came off the gulf and it poured So we tried to run to a bridge and and stuck again!.there was a sand hole about 20 yds away thew a artie in the sand and pulled out a 4.15 lb red fish from the hole. Tide came up more and drifted to are second spot popped a 3.90 lb red from the turttle grass! Day 1 2 fish in the boat and nuttin but up grading the rest off the day. We caught a bunch of short reds so no up grading today. On day 2 The wind was honking out of the north and made it hell to get to are spots. get to the first gps spot fisrt cast red fish on! Ten yds from the boat my hook straintens out fish goes bye bye. cast number 2 redfish in the boat 5.55 lbs. 5 mins later a nice 4.6 lb'er. tryied all day to upgrade but the fishin gods would not have it. the grand total for 2days was 18.20 lbs to put us in 18th place not bad for high winds and negative low tides.
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    Congrats. Did you place in the money?

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    Damn, I was hoping you were buying ;D
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    That's a good report! I want to go back and fish for redfish tournments!!!