2008 Big Gheenoe Rally October 10th-12th

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    2008 Big Gheenoe Rally October 10th-12th

    Every year Gheenoe owners put on a rally somewhere in Florida. This year the rally will be held at Long Point Park near Sebastian Inlet. Gheenoe owners can camp at the park and keep their boat right behind their camp site in the water. Or if you are not a camper you can come during the day for different events like a group BBQ, boat show, and fishing tournament. More information is available on the Gheenoe Forum (registration required) at:

    2008 Big Gheenoe Rally - October 10th-12th Long Point Park
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    We reserved a while ago (1-Gheenoe and 1- ECC Gladesman)
  5. costefishnt

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    prepare for some serious bashing ;) as always though, i invite the boat builders to show as well. i have no problem with "foreign boats" being at a GHEENOE rally. it gives us cool guys with gheenoes fodder to pass the time :D
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    I drove up to the Long Pine camp Sunday and had a look around. Very nice boat ramp and lots of water. Bait and tackle shop at the main road with the basics. Also a resturant if your camp stove feels like a brake.

    Very low rates to just come and drop the boat in for the day. $3.18 to lunch and park.

    Each camp site looked like it had a fire pit also lot of them has water and elec if needed.

    Two ponds one for swiming and one is a wildlife pound.

    Looking forward to the Rally !!
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    Sophie and I are going!!!
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    I'm trying to make this thing, although I'll be in the project Mitchell instead of a Gheenoe.  :p I'm wondering though, what is the kid factor at these rally's?

    I'm fairly certain Trey will want to come just for the fishing and boating, but not so sure about my daughter(10 going on 20). She had a lot of fun on the father daughter trip to ENP, but isn't too crazy about fishing. If she knew there would be more girls near her age to do stuff with, then she'd probably want to come along. Might need to "sell" the idea a bit, any thoughts appreciated...
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    I will have my two kids. My daughter will be 9 in November. My friend Gerry will be there with his family (and Gheenoe). His daughter is 7. There is always other kids around at these places too.
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    Deerfly, On the CG form it sounds like there will be kids. Bring them and if you feel out of place in the Mitchel just look at Tate in the SK and you will feel better.
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    I'm hoping things fall into place for me, if so I will have my three girls there. Heard the shuttle launch has been moved to that weekend.
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    i'll have my fishing pardner in tow for the weekend.
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    just reserved #10, probably won't get there until around 9pm or so on Friday. It will be me, Trey and Chloe and maybe the dog too. :)
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    This is starting to look like a big party ;D
  15. tom_in_orl

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    For what? Are you going to come to the rally?
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    Heck yeha, only reason I didnt ome last year is cause my gramparents wouldnt let me go alone :)
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    That mean your bringing date? :-/