SOLD/EXPIRED 2008 Ambush , 25hp merc 2-stroke

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  1. 2008 Gordon Boatworks (Hell’s Bay), 18 Ambush
    2005 Mercury 25hp, 2 Stroke, w/ Trim and tilt (75hrs)
    I love this boat, but have some upcoming medical bills that require I sell it. This boat is setup for just about anything. I have had it in the Glades, Biscayne Bay, The Keys, Mosquito Lagoon, and the IRL and it has always performed beautifully. This is the true 3” draft boat, and with the jack plate it will run in less than a foot of water. When I had the boat built it was designed to have everything as removable as possible to shed weight as desired for a particular location. The center cooler, trolling motor and batteries come out in a matter of minutes. The cooler tie downs are flush mounted and leave a clean floor when removed. I can’t believe I am selling it, but I have some higher priorities to take care of now, one of those times you hate being an adult. I have over $25k invested in this boat. Price out a new one like this at HB and you’ll see that this is a good deal.

    I am asking $21,000obo
    Cell: 321-246-7987

    Here are some additional details on the boat setup:
    >Bobs Mini Jac jack plate, 6” travel (Not shown in Pictures)
    >4 Blade PT Prop, and 3 Blade prop
    > Tiller extension handle
    >Switches under poling platform (Trim/Tilt, Trim Tabs, and Jack Plate)
    >Red LED lights
    >FWD Casting Platform
    >Seadek on both platforms
    >Sissy bar for both platforms
    >Trolling Motor Goose neck mount with spare plate (One on the bow, and one on the back corner)
    >Motorguide 54# 12volt with odyssey battery (2 outlets)
    >2 bank onboard charger
    >2 tie downs on front bulkhead (Cooler tie downs)
    >21’ Stiffy Hybrid
    >Yeti Skiff cooler w/ cushion (Center mounted)
    >Flush tie downs for cooler
    >Stereo installed:
    -2 DC Gold speakers mounted in front bulkhead
    -Amplifier mounted in rear hatch. On/off switch mounted with other switches
    -Ram mount on right side of rear bulkhead in back hatch for IPod
    >Tibor pole caddy on platform
    >Keeln guard

    Cooler with grab bar (Grab bar is removable and only 2 rod holders stay behind)
    The Rear
    Speakers and TM plug
    Big Front Hatch
    The money shot………..Draft!
  2. Bob

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    Here's link to the larger pictures...  They're a little big for direct posting

  3. brew1891

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    I have been fishing in this skiff numerous times in the ML and down in the Glades as well. It poles and runs very skinny. It poles better than my 16 Waterman and even takes rough water better than my 16 Waterman due to the 18' length.

    The skiff is actually two different colors of grey. It looks awesome and is easy on the eyes in the bright sun.

    I wish I had the cash to take it off Wes' hands.
  4. teamhellbent

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    This is a great boat. Wes spared no expense and I cut no corners when I rigged it. I have to agree with him about the ride, this boat is awesome.Good luck trying to sell it.
  5. teamhellbent

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    Do you still have another 25 mercury and if so, would you like to sell it?
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    FatAlbert43, I also have skiff in similar design as yours (gladeskiff) and I wanted to ask you how you like the trolling motor mounted from the transom? How well does it control the skiff and how easy is it to use fromt the transom? What size trolling motor are you using? I am looking to do the same thing as you have if it is something you recommend. I have toe rails mounted on the bow and it's a little difficult to mount a trolling motor off the bow because of this reason. Thank you for your reply.
  7. I got a parts motor. It starts, but I think it has a bad cylinder, pm me if your interested.
  8. I like the TM setup. Works great for working shorelines. One guy fly fishes off the front and I sit on the platform and run the TM. Also, even with toerails you should be able to mount the gooseneck mount like I got and clear the toerails.
  9. Price reduced to $19,500 obo need to sell this.

    Also, i didn't mention it in the original add. But, the 2008 Ramlin aluminum trailer is included too.
  10. Price reduced to $19,000 obo, need to sell this.

    Also, if you want it w/o the motor I'll sell it for 17,000obo
  11. BMP. Need to get this sold; the bills are coming soon. If interested, make me an offer.
  12. adc77

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    im not trying to low ball or insult you but would you go as low as 15,000 ? i would gladly pay 19 if i could afford it. i will be buying something soon and already have the ball rolling with the bank. if not good luck with the sale its a beautiful skiff
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    As a Forum Mod I would like to point out that negotiating price over a forum on a big ticket item such as a boat is not a good practice. You may have the best of intentions but generally these things do not help either party. My recommendations is that you contact the seller directly for any negotiations.

    Thank you
  14. adc77

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    sorry im a long time reader but first time posting thank you
  15. bmp. Still for sale. Taking reasonable offers.....
  16. rkmurphy

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    I'll give you my CS J16 with everything on it ;D

    Haha beautiful boat man. Good luck with the sale.
  17. Still for sale...........Now....Asking$18,000 for everything.

    OR, Make me a reasonable offer.

  18. rcmay

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