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2008 25hp merc 4 stroke

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Starts and idles fine. When I lay the throttle down to put it on plane it bucks real bad. Stumbles, sputters, coughs, whatever. No real pattern to it, acts like bad gas. I pulled the tank, new fuel, new line, primer bulb, fuel filter and ran a can of sea foam through it. No help. Once I fight it for a few minutes and get the boat going, it runs like a top wide open. I can bring it down off plane and it does everything I ask it to, but if I sit for even a few minutes I have to fight it all over again. Is there a low range or mid range electrical relay that I should be looking at? I will change the plugs tomorrow, because it seems like a cheap and easy thing to rule out, but I dont have high hopes. If the plugs were shorting out, I would suspect them to act up at high rpm/voltage and not on the low end. Ideas?
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I just posted a thread about my 06. It did exactly what you were describing the first time I took it out (used with 21 hours, had sat for a year). It only did it that one time and hasn't done it since. Curious to see other responses.
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