SOLD/EXPIRED 2007 Suzuki DRZ 400 SUPERMOTO......SCHWEET!!!!!!!!

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    Not mine, but it's my bestest bud's bike. Posting it for him. Having ridden this thing a few times I can tell you it is the very definition of "too much fun".





    The bike is an '07 with just 1,073 original adult driven miles. I'll use the word "adult" loosely here as he's got more toys than any kid I know  :)..

    It's been upgraded with new factory Suzuki plastics and tank in bad-azz-black as shown on the bike (the original, yellow factory plastic and tank are INCLUDED in the deal), a Yoshimura full Titanium pipe (was $800 smackers!) and a JD jet kit. Tires are in great shape and he hasn't had the cajones to even put a scuff on the outer edges...  ;)

    I can personally vouch the bike runs great and is an absolute blast on the street. It scoots!

    Asking 5 large....

    Call Ken at 772-812-8656 and tell 'em Tom sent you, and don't forget to mention to him that I'm much better looking than him, look much younger, more virile, etc, etc!! :D :D