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I just saw a listing for a 2007 15'6" Gheenoe w/25 hp evinrude, stick steer, front and rear deck with trailer. I am interested but dont know alot about the value. Does this sound like a good or bad deal????
Thanks in advance.
Hard to tell without price and pictures. In my opinion, the amount of depreciation would be based upon:

1, Condition - When I bought my first Gheenoe Classic I was willing to pay top dollar for a newer clean boat. This was also influenced by #2

2. Availability - How long would it take you to get the boat elsewhere. If they are back ordered expect to pay more.

3, Quality of components - Junk added to a boat can be worthless or even hurt the value. Good components fetch premiums.

4. Proper rigging for the desired application - Its not going to do you any good if:
  • it already has a low quality jack plate made for a kicker on a sailboat
  • a long shaft motor (on a Classic)
  • holes cut in wrong places
  • cheap electronics
  • bad livewell rigging
  • homemade trolling motor rigging

You get the picture but if it was done right. Say like Jim Farmer's DH Classic or Tojo's DHC Classic then it probably is worth every penny.

5. Motor - This is mostly personal choice but there are a few things to keep in mind. A good 2 stroke 25 HP short shaft is valuable. Additional options like electric start increase the value. Mercury tilt and trim is very desirable.

So all things considered if its a perfect setup, barely used and has good documentation I would pay as high as 90% of the new value. No higher because I would rather buy new and build the boat my way if its going to cost the same as new. If its a worst case scenario I would rather walk away then deal with it.

Good Luck
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