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2007 25 hp 2 stroke yamaha tiller/pullstart

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Hey guys I have a 2007 yamaha 25hp tiller and I am just trying to get a few tips on what I should really keep up on when it is time for a little routine maintanance. It has really low hours and I rarely use it b/c I am in the process of finding a nice skiff project. I do occasionally hook it onto my brothers zodiac just so it gets used a little. I bought it slightly used so and the warranty was only 2 yrs I think. Anyways, I like doing stuff myself just so I know how. I there is anything that you can think of then please let me know what I should be paying attention to weekly, monthly, and seasonally.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks Brett I appreciate the link to the manual. I bought the motor used and it came with a manual but it was pretty waterlogged. The guy before me had it in the tender the motor was being used on. Anyways, I called yamaha and they told me I could order one and I never did. This pretty much fixes my issue though. I am gonna copy it and get it printed out over at kinkos or something. Thanks again

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