2006 Yamaha 50 2 stroke

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  1. Can the snap back spring be removed from the tiller throttle control?

    My Etec did not snap back when let go. I would like to set it up that way.

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    Are you sure it wasn't supposed to be removed during the tiller conversion? When I did the conversion on my Merc 40hp it was supposed to be removed. (I wasn't sure but after looking at a dozen scamatics and making a few phone calls I figured it out.) Hope that helps. Evan

  3. Thanks Spruce

    I did not read in the instructions. I will need to call the dealer.
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    Do you not have a friction adjustment on the tiller? There should be a little plastic collar with an adjustment screw to adjust the friction on the throttle shaft.

    63D-42126-00-00 friction clamp
    6X4-48154-00-00 knob
  5. i do buddy, thanks