SOLD/EXPIRED 2005 Hells Bay Glades Skiff w/ 2005 Merc 25 hp 2 stroke

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    [​IMG][/img]An almost impossible find 1st generation GS with no liner (240 lbs w/out motor) To my knowledge only 26 exist, and I know a handful of guys who own them and don't see them being sold any time soon. Seamist green with new cream Awl Grip non skid and cockpit paint. Garage kept 

    2005 Aluminum Ramlin trailer with new LED lights
    2005 Merc 25hp 2 stroke (around 100 hours)
    Elec trim/tilt and elec start
    Split coffin box with airstone bubbler
    Aluminum tiller extension/ Grab bar
    Custom aluminum rub rail
    Tibor push pole holder
    Amber courtesy lights
    Pre rigged for 12V trolling motor (plate,batt mat, wiring, plug)
    Pop up bow cleat
    New under gunnel carpet


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    Re: 2005 Hells Bay Glades Skiff w/ 2005 Merc 2 stroke

    Nice boat but I'd say you're about 10k over priced for a 10yr old skiff with a 20hp that would run 5k brand new! GLWS Id like to know what the final price is when it's let go!
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    Re: 2005 Hells Bay Glades Skiff w/ 2005 Merc 2 stroke

    Nice boat. STICK TO YOUR PRICE. You will get someone who knows what it is. HELL BAY skiffs sell at a premium price. People who make the negative comments about the price just have no idea what these boats bring in todays market.
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    Re: 2005 Hells Bay Glades Skiff w/ 2005 Merc 2 stroke

    The glades skiff is a fantastic skinny water skiff. I owned one and can tell you that it will go anywhere you want to push it. These skiffs are rare and highly sought after by anyone who knows what they can do. Good luck with the sale.
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    Re: 2005 Hells Bay Glades Skiff w/ 2005 Merc 2 stroke

    Considering a new one is 40k and the fact that this one is a 1st generation in good shape I'm willing to bet it goes for asking price. For those looking for a glades skiff it seems like the first gen is the more sought after.
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    FYI, I've been talking to this owner about this boat for a couple of months now. It is in fantastic condition. I've made a few different offers with no success. So if your thinking of lowballing, might as well not waste your time. I offered 17.5k and got laughed at. I researched the last 3 that sold and made my best offer, man I wish I could swing the extra coin.  On a separate note, I'm still searching for a 1st gen GS if anyone has any leads. This one is just slightly out of my budget. Good luck with the sale Beautiful ride.
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    Man that one nice skiff, I'd be on that if it fit my needs.
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    Beautiful rig, you will get your asking price no question.
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    Re: 2005 Hells Bay Glades Skiff w/ 2005 Merc 2 stroke

    5K brand new...? Where did you get this information at?
    There was only like 25-30 of these skiffs ever made. 25K does seem high for a skiff this size. But there is no doubt in my mind it will sell for the asking price or very close.
  13. CIC

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    I might be a little high on my price but have spent some time, money, and care to make it right. And if anybody is truly interested in this boat I can tell you it is a good one. I had to act quickly (within an hour) and overpay to get this boat when i bought it too! But where are you going to find another and how many chances are you going to get?  It's a shame that you could get one for 15K five years ago, but the ones Ive seen since have jumped to the 20K- 24K range depending on condition. The bank will tell you the NADA value is $9400, so this skiff obviously isn't for everybody, wish it was!   With the demand and rarity of this skiff it is what it is….1 of 26 made….not even sure if that is true cause 7 or 8 years ago saw one at Gordon's shop that had been rear ended on the trailer…don't know if he was able to rescue that one or not….so there might be fewer than that.  This boat is in excellent condition…where  I have seen a few that have been totally ragged out. The original owner was an acquaintance of Flip's and from what he told me…he oversaw, helped with options, and the layout of skiff. So even though 05 was not the best year for HB, pretty sure this one was built to the highest standards and was one of the last 1st generation GSs that left the factory before they shut down briefly.  Who knows…if I sit on it for a while and no serious offers, I might have to lower the price but I have a feeling this boat will eventually find its rightful owner. I've seen some way more common 2000 HB Guides with with an asking price of 35K lately…so not really thinking I'm outta the ball park with this one.
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    Agree totally, it's actually 1 of 27 made. They recently made one using the 1st gen mold for a VIP in the high end cooler business. But no matter how much I beg they won't hook me up. Im only a VIP in my own mind. It'll sell, may take a few weeks but you'll get close to asking. But if your in a hurry, I can bump my offer up to 18K, (just won 500 bucks on a scratch off). I'm rich boys!!!!! Hahahaha
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    I believe he was saying, 5k for a new motor!
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    Yes $3500 for a brand new 2015 tohatsu $3700 for a yami! I hope in this great capitalistic society you get every penny and more you are asking for! I know the salesman at HB are licking their chops and laughing all the way to the bank with their commission checks they're receiving now a days!
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    Silver king stalker:

    It's a 25 mercury btw.
    A new Yamaha 25 is closer to 4200.
    And weighs quite a bit more than the two stroke merc.
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    You lack couth. Your opinions are your own and you're entitled to them, but this guy is trying to sell his skiff. Start your own thread...
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    So far your comments have not brought any value to this thread. You should keep your opinions to yourself if they are negative, or start your own thread and keep your garbage off of this guys listing. Maybe one day when you try and sell a boat you will have some jackass voicing their biased and unnecessary opinions about your boat. One can only hope they are as enlightening. Last time I checked your behavior qualified for the free one way ticket. Hope you get it..... ;D
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    Re: 2005 Hells Bay Glades Skiff w/ 2005 Merc 2 stroke

    Oh my God - not more mindless dribble from this tool………...