SOLD/EXPIRED 2005 Glades Skiff

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    I’m starting a new thread since the last one got kind of messy.  ::)  Thanks for all the poking but I would like to keep this one clean. ;)  It’s time to move this since my next venture is getting closer now. :cool:

    2005 Glades Skiff

    Coffin Box w/ aerated Crustacean well

    Fresh 25 Merc. 2 stroke w/ 15 hours
    SS Prop.
    Custom Tiller Extention

    Ramlin Trailer w/ New Lights


    The following pictures are not current but reflect many days spent on the water with forum and family members. :cool:  Thanks guys, it’s been a hoot.   I will try to get current / accurate pictures up over the weekend.

    Picture provided by Jan and thanks to ABS "Salty Shores"

    Picture by Tom - thanks

    This one is all mine :)

    Picture by Tom - thanks

    Tom again - he got his time on the boat. :cool:

    This one is thanks to RJ and my son's first red. :cool:
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    OK, I have a boat that needs to go in the mold this week and would like to sell this one before it's popped.

    I'm reducing to $15,750 here before I start the commercial adds.

    Thanks for your interest.

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    Dang that is one sweeeeet boat.

  5. gheenoeit

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    Captnron... This wasnt your boat on 4th street in st pete Sunday was it?
  6. orlgheenoer

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    If this boat wouldve been on the market when I was in the market, I would have purchased it, I have no regrets but, This is one great boat at a great price.
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    That Glades Skiff is a beautiful boat!
    Somebody is going to get a good deal
    on a great boat!!!
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    One last shot for the forum before it goes out to the commercial adds at:

  10. skinny_water

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    calling everyone I know that would be intrested.... Heck of a deal.
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    WOW! I have dreams of that boat. Wouldn't you rather sell this boat to someone who would treat her like a first love? IMO, this is the PERFECT back country boat.
  12. Shadowcast

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    X3.  This is my dream skiff since they came out a few years back.  I got my Mitzi 15 and I unless I get close to your asking price.......uhhh nevermind.  Won't happen. :-[
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    :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

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    SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! [smiley=1-beer.gif]
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    Sad but true.... [smiley=luck.gif] with the sale.
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    Congrats. Did you do the usual deal and require forum membership? ;D
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    Ha, ha, Yes, he should be signing up soon. ;)

    Negotiated that during the sea trial. ;D ;D ;D
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    phishphood Beer is good, Beer is good, and stuff!