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2003 Suzuki DF-15 15hp 4 stroke

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I have on loan from a friend a Suzuki 15 hp 4 stroke to test on on a skiff.  The motor had been sitting on a stand for the last year or so.  Right before it was taken off the boat, it received a new impeller, plugs, oil change and lower unit oil. I filled the tank with fresh gas and decided to start it on the stand.  I filled up the test drum with water and started it.  It took a little bit to get it to idle properly. After running about 3 minutes it was purring like a kitten.  I let it idle for about 15 minutes. I put my hand in the pee stream. (it was peeing like a champ) It seemed very warm.  It did not burn, but it was like hot water you would wash your hands in.  It runs warmer than either of the two Yamaha two strokes I have.  How hot is to hot for the water peeing out??  Thanks, Mark
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I have a '97 version of this motor, that's normal. I really like this motor, pushes my Gheenoe Classic a solid 24 with me and gear and touches 25 on calm water running a stock 9 1/4 x 9. Lots of torque. Been rock solid.
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