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1999 Pathfinder 17T
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$2850.00 OBO

So apparently these are great, and this one is in excellent condition, but im still wanting to repower so selling along w the controls, cables, etc. listed on craigslist. Had a mech check it, certified yamaha guy - you can talk to him or see his report just PM or email me anytime. These guys don't have computers or hour meters, so no info there. old school carb tech.

Runs like a madman! i just want something 4 stroke.

In "excellent" condition by certified Yamaha mechanic on 5-17-2019. details provided on request but come look at it yourself.

includes controls / binnacle and whatever oil i have left over. flushed after each use.

currently installed on the boat for running inspection, will be until early june before removal. earlier removal from boat fine if we make a deal.

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