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1/27/2019 - I got the boat back from Berkeley Outdoors. We removed the CMC tilt unit and mounted the motor directly to the transom. The boat performed perfectly averaging a speed of 24-27 mph. I headed out around 11:00am on a cloudy and cold Sunday. I worked my way up the Wando and caught three trout. I released two of them and brought back one for the wife to cook up for dinner.

48° “Cold”
NE 5.3Kts
HighTide 12:40pm
LowTide 6:55pm
Fished 11:00pm-3:30pm

Filmed with the New GoPro HERO 7 and the New Canon Mirrorless M100
Hot Lure of the Day Zman Jerk Shad on Trout Eye Jigheads
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