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This is a tournament I am helping organize with the Shiloh Charter School PTA (Plant City).  ALL MONEY GOES TO THE SCHOOL!  Good family fun with activities from CCA, FWC, and Off the Wall Adventures going on before the weigh in.  Here are the official rules.....

1st Annual Shiloh Charter School Fishing For Technology Tournament–
DATE:  August 8, 2009

Saltwater or freshwater fishing

$25 per angler entry fee, $12 for children 13 years and younger

ALL anglers must have a current Florida freshwater or saltwater fishing license and MUST provide it at the MANDATORY captain’s meeting.

Anglers may fish from a boat, canoe, kayak, dock, pier or wade fish from shore.

Live bait, artificial, or fly tackle may be used

All fish must be used with hook and line tackle (no cast nets, snag hooks, gigs, etc.).

There will be a MANDATORY captain’s meeting the night before the tournament at the Shiloh Charter School Youth Center.  All anglers must be present to go over rules and pre-tournament requirements.

At the captain’s meeting, each angler/team must provide a measuring device to be inspected and approved by tournament officials, unless, a measuring device is provided by tournament officials. All anglers will also receive a catch scorecard and a marker, which will be included in each photo taken.

This will be a catch, photo, and release tournament. 

There must be at least one (1) digital camera per boat, or team, to take photos of fish.  That digital camera must have an empty, working memory card in the camera.

Photos of weigh in fish MUST have the whole fish, measuring device, and marker visible in the photo.

Each angler must choose, at the captain’s meeting, to fish either in fresh or saltwater.  Anglers may only fish one.

The weigh in species for saltwater will be snook and redfish.  The weigh in species for freshwater will be largemouth bass and bluegill.

Winners will be determined by the largest specimen (by quarter inch) of snook, redfish, bass, and bluegill. 

Anglers will take photos of their three largest specimens.  Only the largest one will count towards the weigh in.  The other two photos will be used in the event of a tie.

Pinched tail measurements will be used for all species, per FWC.

Species must be the following minimum lengths in order to be photographed for the weigh in:  Snook - 22”, Redfish - 18”, Bass - 12”, Bluegill - 6”

There will be four individual awards (one winner per species) and two slam winners (total combined inches of snook and redfish and total combined inches of bass and bluegill).

Anglers may fish in any PUBLIC waterway.  No private lakes or waterways may be fished.

Lines may not be in the water before 6:00 AM on 8/8/2009.  ALL ANGLERS MUST BE IN THE SHILOH YOUTH CENTER BY 4:00 PM ON 8/8/2009.  If you arrive at 4:01 PM, you will be disqualified.  Weigh in and awards ceremony will start promptly at 5:30 PM.

Boating and fishing etiquette will be observed by all Shiloh tournament anglers.  Proper fishing and release techniques will be covered at the captain’s meeting and practiced throughout the tournament.  Circle hooks, used in live bait fishing are RECOMMENDED to be used.  The honor system will also be observed all Shiloh tournament anglers.
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