1999 Yamaha 60hp Outboard

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by restlesswoodie, Jun 9, 2014.

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    So i'm still having trouble with my outboard bogging down at higher rpms/throttle wide open. It is bogging down when I run it wide open and the primer bulb seems to be losing pressure when this happens, the motor makes a thumping if not in idle after this happens. I've replaced the anti-siphon valve, water separator and the connection from the fuel hose to the motor hookup. Any Suggestions? It seems more like an issue with my gas supply to the outboard, would it make sense to replace the entire fuel hose system and make sure there are no holes or damages to the fuel line?

    Boat is a '99 Maverick 17T
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    probably the fuel pump, did you use OEM primer bulb and connection to motor?

  3. cutrunner

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    You again ? ::)
    haha just kidding.
    here's some ezpz advice for diagnosing your problem.
    Run the boat on a normal 5 gallon red gas can. Hell not even a boat gas can a normal gas can. Take of the spout and stick the fuel hose right down to the bottom with a different primer ball and hose hooked directly to the fuel filter on the engine. What your doing is seeing ig the problem is in the boat or engine.
    if you do all that and the problem still persists, its your engine.
    Next, go back to wide open, (on plane) and push the choke in for about two seconds. If it speeds up momentarily its your carbs
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    Yes Sir! Me again....I've been troubleshooting this motor for a while. I'll try the gas can trick and see if that works or doesn't. I've had it "bog" down before and hit the choke to get it fired up again, with priming the bulb and waiting some time for it to fix itself. The problem is the primer is losing its "prime" which makes me think I have air getting in somewhere. I'll try this tomorrow and see what happens. Stay tuned. I also need to redo my bearings so that should be fun too.