SOLD/EXPIRED 1999 Nissan 18 HP 2-stroke 15" shaft, tiller

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    1999 Nissan 18-horse 2-stroke, short shaft tiller. Has less than an hour on a complete new fuel system: 4 new Nissan fuel line fittings from the tank to the engine, new fuel line, fresh rebuilt carb, and new Moeller 6.5 gallon tank. The male engine fuel fitting was getting a little worn and I decided to replace the entire system stem to stern as I was going to keep this motor, and now have come across a deal on a 25hp that I can't pass up, so this motor is up for sale.

    I am including the old carb kit for the buyer to keep as a spare, which was perfectly fine but I just decided to do it while I was working on the fuel system. The old fittings and carb kit are included as spares, as well although I believe only 3 of the fuel line fittings are good. I am also including the OEM 6.5 gallon tank, as well as the OEM 3 gallon tank.

    Runs absolutely perfect, starts first pull, etc. Will post pics and video of it starting and running in the next day or two.

    This motor weighs just 79lbs which is less than a new 6hp 4-stroke!!

    Check the internet on these motors, it's common knowledge Nissan has underrated the HP on these.

    Since a hi-sider it only rated for 10hp, it would be LUDICROUS ;) ;) to run this motor on one, but let's just say if you did, it'd push you over 27mph (I think it needs more prop). ;) ;)

    And, it will push an LT at 26+ mph with one person and full gear, and 25 with two people and full gear. Perfect motor for an LT or Classic, especially if you need to remove the motor often as it's a lightweight.

    I am leaving for vaca on Friday 11-7 and would like to see this gone before I leave!

    Asking $975 (I have over $150.00 in brand new parts fuel/carb/tank on it this week).

    Bring cash and make me an offer. I can take you for a test ride prior to purchase.

    Motor is located in Palm City, right off the turnpike and I-95.

    Call me at 772-521-9990. Please no calls after 10PM!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. TomFL

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    SOLD SOLD SOLD :) :) :)
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    Damn Tom! Way to go! What are you running now? Wish this was up for sale 2 weeks ago ;)
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    As of right now I am motorless :( but am trying to get done with work and prior commitments to go pick up the new motor.