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1999 eagle skimmer 16 (Morgan skimmer 16)

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I picked up a 99 eagle 16ft flats boat 6’8 beam, for a great deal. Everything works, I’ve done quite a bit of cleaning just because I like my stuff to look nice. Drafts 8”-9” maybe 10” of water with 2 grown men. Motor seems to run great. Boat comes out of the water with ease and gets on plane. Problem is.. it’s slow as shit (21mph). Motor is a fantastic running Mercury Force 40hp it had a hydro foil on the lower unit which has sense been taken off. I gained 1mph. I know the boat should atleast run 30 with ease. Prop Is 10.84 diameter 14 pitch. 3 blade stainless
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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