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Alright guys, this isn't easy for me to do as I've been debating with myself over the past few days and then of course debating with the wife as to whether or not I should buy this boat. It's basically come down to a big fat "NO" but I would love to see one of you guys get this boat. I feel like it's a great deal but I'm not a boat owner so what would I know. I went and checked it out today and it looks good. Everythings in great shape and the motor runs great and has hardly been run (from what I'm told). Here's the link
The auction buyer fell through and he's about to relist in a few days. You can catch him before he relists and take it off his hands for 2k or maybe even less. Here's his info:

cell: 262-208-6466

If you buy this boat you have to take me fishin' and buy me beers ;) enjoy.

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