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When I move the throttle, or idle lever to the slow idle position the motor will only slow down to a med idle. I could not find anything in the remote assy that looks worn. The cable moves smoothly, just does not retract all the way. The guy I got the motor from said he just reach back grab the cable were it attach to the motor to get the motor slow to slow idle, this does work but would like the fix the problem rather than just working around it.

Is this from cable slop or something in the remote assy?

I drew a line on the cam so you can see how much it isn't rotating.


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1) On the remote shifter there is an idle adjustment screw that needs adjustment.
2) The cable has worn inside, so some play has formed in the linkage.
3) Cable adjustment knob has worn or rotated loose over the years due to vibrations.
4) Cable casing is no longer attached to the threaded tube at the engine end.

Remove the slack from the cable, readjust the idle setting.
Replace cable entirely.

Looking at the pics posted, I'd replace.
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