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Re-posting because admins deleted
1975 valco 14' fishing boat. Riveted construction is stronger than welds and allows for flex instead of cracking. Hull is in good shape with a few small dents and no leaks.

Brand new trailer lights and wires.
Boat, engine, and trailer have never been in salt. FRESH WATER ONLY :)

Engine starts up first try every time and only has 50 hours TOTAL. All fluids have been flushed and replaced and a new fuel line, connector, and hose has been purchased in installed to modernize the engine.
(I have receipts for all work)

Comes with 2 oars and oar locks, 2 anchors, 2 anchor ropes, a PFD, and 2 plugs.

Throwing in MotorGuide Stealth 40 and battery to Forum members!

Redwood City, CA
Contact email: [email protected] BUT, Please pm me on this site if interested as im here much more often
Send me your serious offers.
Selling as a package.


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