1969 Ski Barge 19' center console - anyone know anything about these boats?

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    I've been told that these are the "first real flats boats." How true is this?

    I picked this one up yesterday. The floors are soft, but for the price, it's perfect! I absolutely LOVE the giant space it has inside! The floor is 6' wide and 18' long, with a nice platform up front. HUGE fishing area!


    When putting it in the water to swap trailers, I noted that it only drafted about 3-4" without a motor. Nice! I was wondering if it would take water through the scuppers, but they were out by several inches. Will have to see how it does with a motor.


    As for a motor, I'm thinking a Johnson 70 should be a good fit. Light, but strong enough to push it well.

    At the dock, some kids wanted to see how it felt to get on a boat, so I let them climb on. Was fun watching them catch crappie! At least I now know the boat raises fish!

    If anyone knows the history or any specs on these, please let me know! I'm starting to do some research, and so far I've heard that these are excellent flats boats, and not much else.

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    Hello. We built a 16' ski barge a couple years ago. Looks to be an identical hull design just smaller. It was a shallow drafting boat. It isn't the driest or smoothest boat but it works well for what it does. Here is a picture of it.

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    Interesting hull shape - round chine in the rear and hard chine midship forward with what looks like a step in the hull?

    Hope you take off those rails! Looks like the kids are having a blast already, good luck with the project!
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    These boats were built by Bill and Gary Kenner, who then went on to basically invent the bay boat with their V-bottom KENNER bay boats that Tracker/ Bass Pro ended up purchasing from them in the late 90's and early 2000's. Now they build Blackjacks and Frontiers. They are great people and build excellent boats! Super cool!