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1955 Orlando Clipper restored skiff

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Fully restored 1955 15’ Orlando Clipper
this was my grandfather’s boat, which I restored, but rarely use. It is built with aircraft aluminum, and is built very well. In 2009, I had Line-x in Sarasota build a custom deck, and the inside and exterior was covered in Line-x Teflon, which quieted the hull tremendously. The draft is super shallow as you can seek in the aft picture.

It does not come with an outboard, and I replaced the huge casting platform with a smaller one. The pictures with the poling platform are the latest. That platform was fabricated last year.

The boat comes with the following:
55#Great White trolling motor
trolling battery
small cranking battery
brand new (still in box) 2 bank charger
cooler with 12v bubbler
led forward nav lights
bilge pump
helm cushion
poling platform
moonlighter push pole
Sea Stick stake out pole
tackle storage in deck
storage under front dwck
anchor storage
all accessories are on switches with circuit breakers
removable forward seat/casting platform
galvanized trailer

The boat performs best with a 20-25hp motor, and poles effortlessly.

First $1900 takes it.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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