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This boat is factory direct by B&B Boats in Orlando, Fl. Call (407) 299-2190 or email at [email protected] for pricing and details.


-Length...: 17'2"

-Beam: 6'6"

-Draft: 7"

-Weight: Apx. 500lbs

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a lightweight 17' skiff, fairly stable, guaranteed zero hull slap, fiberglass/composite construction/foam filled. Now available. Great for the shallows. The boat shown in these pictures has an optional console that is ,obviously, not finished. This boat can either be a tiller or we have 2 consoles that we can put in, one which is being shown in the pictures, which has an insulated cooler/bait well in the front. My apologies for the trailer in the pictures. The new aluminum continental trailer has not come in yet. Again for pricing, either call (407) 299-2190 or email at [email protected]. Thank you. IMG_20200109_142820104.jpg IMG_20200109_142836109.jpg IMG_20200109_142845447.jpg IMG_20200109_142858469.jpg IMG_20200109_142906265.jpg IMG_20200109_142921028.jpg IMG_20200109_142930199.jpg IMG_20200109_143223212.jpg IMG_20200113_154509792.jpg IMG_20200113_154527978.jpg
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