SOLD/EXPIRED 17' Esposito skiff

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  1. 27moonfish2ndl

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    2010 17' Esposito Skiff, three bench seat model - palmetto frond/camo pattern over pale gray/green.
    2007 15 HP Yamaha two stroke, tiller extension.
    Yamaha Canister fuel filter, 12 gallon removable tank,
    2010 Continental galvanized trailer, spare tire
    Pushpole (not new, but works fine).
    Very good skiff for doing what it's designed to do: West side of Biscayne Bay, Whitewater Bay, Hells Bay
    I'll take photos tomorrow, weather allowing. Located in Miami area.
    $5,000 Personal message me with email address and I'll send photos (until I figure out how to import/insert them. I'm new to board)
  2. lemaymiami

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    Brian builds some nice skiffs. Hope you're able to post some pics...

  3. swampfox

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    Did Brian ever pull a mold on one of these? Or is he doing em one off still? I love his small boats. My timing was always off. When I had cash in hand no boats came up. When I dont have the cash. I see em come up :'(

    Yes please get some skiff porn posted for us. :cool:
  4. Germs

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    Would like to see a few photos when available.